Welcome to Malaysia

“Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia” means Welcome to Malaysia

For over 600 years, Malaysia has occupied a special place in the heart of the business world. Sitting at the nexus of major trade routes, it has been enticing travellers to gather from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and every nation across Asia. Today, Malaysia enjoys an important market position, situated between two of the world’s economic giants, i.e. India and China. It is a key player in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), whose nations’ population totalled more than 600 million. Along with India and China, this region makes up 45% of the world’s population.

The country is now a role model for the developing world with a growing diversity of industry sectors, thanks to the government’s Economic Transformation Programme whose goal is for Malaysia to achieve developed nation status by year 2020. Substantial investments in infrastructure, research, education and urban development have created a vibrant and dynamic economy. Key industry sectors include automotive, chemical, commerce & finance, education, electronics & electrical, furniture, infrastructure construction, ‘halal’ food product development, oil & gas, Islamic finance, medical science, palm oil, renewable energy, rubber, science, textile, timber and many more.

Malaysia is well-served by international airlines, modern airports, road and rail transportation as well as a first-class internet and telecommunications infrastructure that facilitate the conduct of businesses from all over the globe.

As one of the most vibrant countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia offers many advantages as a world class destination. First and foremost, Malaysia is an easy place to stage international conventions since English is widely spoken yet it is multilingual. Malaysia is a multiracial country with mixtures of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and Western cultures, thus it can cater well for a diversity of food, language and cultural needs.

Malaysia has a total of six international airports with the main travel hub being centred at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Over 60 International airlines fly direct to Malaysia connecting 113 major cities from 35 countries, including Australia, the UK and the USA, making Malaysia easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

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